Limits on the Mass of the Central Black Hole in 16 Nearby Bulges1 Marc Sarzi,2,3 Hans-walter Rix,2


We report upper limits on the masses of black holes that can be present in the centers of 16 nearby galaxy bulges. These limits for our statistically complete sample were derived from the modeling MBH lim of the central emission-line widths ([N II] or [S II]), observed over a pc) aperture. The 0A.25] 0A.2 (R[ 9 experiment has a mean detection sensitivity of D3.9] 106 For three sample members with direct M _ . determinations of our upper limits agree within the uncertainties, while in general our upper limits MBH are found to be close to the masses measured in other bulges with global properties similar to ours. Remarkably, our limits are quite close to the recently derived relation. These results support a MBH-p* picture wherein the black hole mass and overall galaxy structure are closely linked, as galaxies with exceptionally high at a given apparently are rare. MBH p* Subject headings : galaxies : bulges È galaxies : kinematics and dynamics È galaxies : nuclei È galaxies : spiral


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