Interpixel interference cancellation method for road-to-vehicle visible light communication


This paper aims to improve the transmission distance for the road-to-vehicle visible light communication system (R2V-VLC) using LED array and high-speed camera by reducing interference caused at the receiver. As we can transmit multiple data using LED array and high-speed camera, parallel data transmission can be possible. However, due to the diffusion of LED and the finiteness of the pixel size of image sensor, the focused LED will affect not only the actual corresponding pixel but also its surrounding pixels. We call this phenomenon as “interpixel interference (IPI)“ and it causes degradation in error rate performance. To mitigate the IPI, we propose IPI cancellation scheme for the R2V-VLC system. As the results of the experiment, we can extend the error-free distance from 40m to 60m by the IPI cancellation.


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