[Surgery of ulcerative colitis using ileoanal anastomosis].


The ideal surgical treatment for ulcerative colitis is the ileoanal anastomosis (IAA), which, however, is not yet generally accepted as a practical procedure because of a suboptimal fecal function, frequent postoperative complications and technical difficulties. Based on one (U.) of the authors experiences on 36(34) polyposis and 19(12) colitis (paracentesis indicate the number of cases in (U.)'s previous appointment, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, 1977-1983). The practical procedure of IAA can be achieved by combining the following basic principles; a direct anastomosis of J-shape ileal pouch to the anal sphincteric mechanism, temporarily exclusion of the anastomosis by a loop-ileostomy, mucosectomy confined to the lower rectum leaving the short muscular cuff, and meticulous dissection of inflamed mucosa of the anal canal minimizing the damage to the internal sphincter which is achieved by the prone ano-abdominal approach. At elective operation, the procedure can be performed either as primary surgery or as the secondary following rectum preserving operation, in which, coeco-rectal anastomosis is advisable for preserving the ileocolic vessels that is helpful for J-pouch construction. In emergency surgical program, IAA is still be preserved as a final restructive surgery following colectomy with an open rectal exclusion or Turnbull' s total colonic exclusion. In this occasion, an ascendicostomy is advisable for preserving the ileocolic vessels.


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